Could I Be…..A DC????

Lake Charles, LA I recently started buying comics regularly again.  The Dark Horse Darth Maul:  Son of Dathomir series caught my attention and I gobbled up each issue.  While the ending was a bit of a cop out (I’ll eventually review the series), the whole run was good enough to spark my interests in comicsContinue reading “Could I Be…..A DC????”

“Weight” A Minute!

Lake Charles, LA   I haven’t posted anything on my weight loss struggles and victories recently, so here’s a brief update.  As of today, I’m actually gaining weight.  It’s not all muscle, either.  Ever since I returned home from Missouri back in July, I’ve been having this on again/off again relationship with my eating habits,Continue reading ““Weight” A Minute!”

Geek of the Week!!!!

Facebook, Deep South, Worldwide My friends over at Southern Geek, a Facebook Group based primarily out of Mississippi, have started naming a Geek of the Week recently.  I’ve been a part of this group ever since I first ran into two of its founders, Rafe and Shannon White, a couple of years ago at WizardContinue reading “Geek of the Week!!!!”