Halloween Comic Fest And USS Lafitte Halloween Party

Southwest Louisiana Saturday, October 25th was a rather busy day for myself and, to a lesser degree, my youngest child.  The day started off awkwardly, with me failing to set my alarm the night before and therefore missing out on bringing my wife to work and my kids out for a quiet breakfast.  Nope, myContinue reading “Halloween Comic Fest And USS Lafitte Halloween Party”

Alpha Nerds And Bullies Within Fan Groups

Lake Charles, LA Let me start off by saying that this post will probably tick off a few people.  It will most likely tick off those good folks who believe that they are not exactly what they appear to be.  They don’t see themselves as the problem that I’m about to yap about, but theyContinue reading “Alpha Nerds And Bullies Within Fan Groups”

A Fun Run

Central City and, uh, The CW I’m going to come right out and say that I love The CW’s new show, The Flash.  Having been lucky enough to see the old John Wesley Shipp version of the series and being really ticked off when that show was dropped (Does that mean I was Firefly beforeContinue reading “A Fun Run”

Sprukits Are Super!

Somewhere In My Imagination For those of you who aren’t aware, I review quite a few items on websites like http://www.amazon.com and http://www.lunch.com.  I’m also a member of many reviewing groups and have been offered different items over the years to review.  In one group I was offered a Sprukits The Dark Knight Rises BatmanContinue reading “Sprukits Are Super!”

The Sun Is Going Down On “Gotham”

Gotham City FOX has a hit on its hands…..at least in my opinion, with the wonderful series called Gotham.  It follows a young and well-intentioned James Gordon, freshly dubbed Detective Gordon, as he and his senior partner, Harvey Bullock, tackle crime in the very crime-ridden town of Gotham City.  This story takes place before Batman isContinue reading “The Sun Is Going Down On “Gotham””