“Dead” On Predictions

Atlanta, GA I watched last night’s episode of The Walking Dead expecting two things:  1) A perfect set-up for an explosive mid-season finale and 2) Clues about who might not make it out alive.  After seeing the episode, I’ve come up with some predictions that may or may not be stone cold locks.  If theyContinue reading ““Dead” On Predictions”

Catching Up With My “X’s”

Lake Charles, LA Okay, okay.  Now before you read this blog, know that I am well aware that X-Men:  Days of Future Past has been out on DVD/Blu-ray/digital download for some time now AND that I’m probably not adding much to the whole X discussion that hasn’t already been mentioned, but please realize that IContinue reading “Catching Up With My “X’s””

A Trip Back In Time

Todd Mission, TX If you personally know me, you are well aware of the fact that I am a huge fan of the Texas Renaissance Festival.  It has been a part of my life for six years now, and I see no chance of it ever leaving my life at any time in the future. Continue reading “A Trip Back In Time”

Gotham Gets Better

Gotham City *****SPOILERS AHEAD***** If you haven’t watched the last couple of episodes of Gotham, stop reading……NOW! I’ve watched every episode of Gotham this year and I must admit that is has quickly become one of my favorite programs.  Alongside The Flash, Gotham is a rare program that I actually look forward to each week.  The lightheartedContinue reading “Gotham Gets Better”