Live Long And Prosper…..

The Final Frontier In my life there have been very few celebrity deaths that have affected me in any way.  Sure, many famous people have died whose deaths shocked me, saddened me, or made me reflect on their careers and personal lives.  A couple of deaths deeply saddened me and almost made me cry.  DeForestContinue reading “Live Long And Prosper…..”

Louisiana Comic Con!!!

Bossier City, LA North Louisiana has a lot of wonderful things going for it.  Unfortunately, having an excellent comic convention hasn’t been one of those things in a long time.  Thankfully that shortcoming has been erased with the first Louisiana Comic Con in Bossier City, LA at the Bossier Civic Center.  Myself and a friendContinue reading “Louisiana Comic Con!!!”

DC Day At My Own Fortress Of Solitude

Somewhere In The Boondocks I have plans to be at Louisiana Comic Con on Saturday, so I decided to take off the Friday prior in order to get in a little pre-nerd out nerd out in order to prep myself for the big day in Bossier City.  To start my day I visited my favoriteContinue reading “DC Day At My Own Fortress Of Solitude”


The World of Television Tonight’s episode of The Flash proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is the only show that you should be watching on Tuesday night!  Spoilers begin NOW, so don’t read another word if you haven’t watched tonight’s episode of The Flash OR last night’s episode of Gotham. This week’sContinue reading “Oh…..My……Grodd!!!!”

The Heat Is On!!!

Central City !!SPOILER ALERT!!  If you didn’t watch The Flash last night, stop reading NOW!! Last night’s episode of The Flash turned the heat up to nuclear with a deeper look into the life of Firestorm.  One of the most unique things about Firestorm in the comics is that he has always been a pairingContinue reading “The Heat Is On!!!”

Gotham Gets Scary!!!

Gotham City !!SPOILER ALERT!!  Read at your own risk!  If you didn’t watch Gotham last night, you don’t want to read this post!!!  Stop reading now! Last night’s episode of Gotham gave us a deeper look at one of my personal favorite villains of Batman:  the Scarecrow.  I’ve always felt that if the character wereContinue reading “Gotham Gets Scary!!!”

That Game Last Night And The Nerdy Connection

Glendale, AZ Like a whole lot of other people in the good ol’ US of A last night, I tuned into that football game that featured the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots.  In all honesty I didn’t care one bit about who would win the game.  I just wanted to watch it inContinue reading “That Game Last Night And The Nerdy Connection”