Louisiana Comic Con (The Lafayette Version) 2.0!

Lafayette, LA Lafayette, LA gets ready for another dose of awesome nerdiness with the second Louisiana Comic Con which takes place in less than two weeks!  On the weekend of October 8th and 9th, the heart of Louisiana will be home to the likes of Boba Fett, Winston Zeddemore, Father Gabriel, and tons of otherContinue reading “Louisiana Comic Con (The Lafayette Version) 2.0!”

Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary

Space, The Final Frontier…. It has been fifty years since Gene Roddenberry first showed the world his idea of a bright and wonderful future.  While I wasn’t around for those early voyages, I was able to join up with the crew of the Enterprise when I went to the movies with my cousins to seeContinue reading “Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary”