Doom Patrol Episode #7

Therapy Patrol The seventh episode of Doom Patrol shifts the focus away from the search for the Chief and plants it squarely on the individual members of the group. It opens up with Cyborg making the rounds, waking everyone up and telling everyone that a group meeting will take place in fifteen minutes. After thirtyContinue reading “Doom Patrol Episode #7”

Getting “The Dirt” On Mötley Crüe

Netflix Despite being one of my favorite bands of all time, I’ve never read the autobiographical The Dirt by Mötley Crüe. I’ve read and heard plenty of their stories over the last few decades in other media, but never did purchase the book. Thankfully Netflix has breathed life into some of their misadventures in theContinue reading “Getting “The Dirt” On Mötley Crüe”

Doom Patrol Episode #6

Doom Patrol Patrol No, I didn’t make a mistake when I typed that header. The latest episode of Doom Patrol, released on Friday, is entitled Doom Patrol Patrol and it certainly lives up to its name. Minor Spoilers Ahead! Still recovering from the events of the previous episode, our heroes find themselves broken up onceContinue reading “Doom Patrol Episode #6”

Louisiana Comic Con 2019

Lafayette, LA I’ve attended Louisiana Comic Con in Lafayette almost every year since its inception. I’ve watched as it has grown along with other events put on by AVC Conventions over the years. I’ve always been impressed by their lineup which includes local fan groups, authors, and artists, as well as more nationally known talentContinue reading “Louisiana Comic Con 2019”

Doom Patrol Episode #5

Paw Patrol Minor Spoilers Ahead!!! Picking up where the previous episode left off, Paw Patrol finds our heroes split up into two groups. Rita, Victor, and Larry are in Cloverton with Willoughby Kipling attempting to find a way to stop the Decreator. Cliff and Jane are in Nurnheim (although they aren’t sure exactly where itContinue reading “Doom Patrol Episode #5”

See You This Weekend!

Lafayette, LA If you happen to be in or around the Lafayette, LA area this weekend and love comics, science fiction, fantasy, films, or television, be sure to check out Louisiana Comic Con! I’ve attended this convention on multiple occasions and have really enjoyed it every time. This year will be the first year thatContinue reading “See You This Weekend!”

Marvel At This?

1995 When Iron Man got the MCU ball rolling over ten years ago, it was the first and last big risk that Marvel took on the big screen. Since that time, the films have been released at calculated times with specific intent and they’ve all been financially profitable. While characters such as Captain America andContinue reading “Marvel At This?”

Doom Patrol Episode #4

Cult Patrol With the Chief and Mr. Nobody still missing, the members of the Doom Patrol find themselves regrouping back at home and discussing the potential places (or dimensions) where their friend and his abductor might be found. While doing this, a stranger named Willoughby Kipling (science fiction mainstay, Mark Sheppard) arrives and asks toContinue reading “Doom Patrol Episode #4”

Shazam! 1974-76

Talking With The Elders DC Universe made a lot of us old folks happy yesterday with the release of all three seasons of the classic 1974-76 series Shazam! starring Michael Gray as Billy Batson, Les Tremayne as Mentor, Jackson Bostwick as Captain Marvel during season one and partially in season two and John Davey asContinue reading “Shazam! 1974-76”

Doom Patrol Episode #3

Puppet Patrol If the first two episodes of Doom Patrol taught us anything, it’s that the show has absolutely no problem with the bizarre. In fact, the more bizarre something or someone is in an episode, the better. Episode #3, Puppet Patrol, cranks up the bizarre about fifteen notches and holds nothing back…..and still managesContinue reading “Doom Patrol Episode #3”