McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse New 52 Red Robin (2022)

“Time Drake….a.k.a. Red Robin.”

The first three “core” Robins in DC Comics have carved out their own paths as superheroes after retiring as the Boy Wonder. Dick Grayson became Nightwing, who has gained his own fan following over the years. Jason Todd, despite being beaten to death by the Joker in a fan-voted poll, reemerged as the antihero, Red Hood. Tim Drake, the third Robin, has always been treated, at least in my opinion, as the third wheel of the bunch. It’s as if the Bat Family is introduced as Batman, Nightwing, Red Hood, Robin (Damian Wayne), Batgirl, Batwoman, Alfred, Batwing, a few other people, and that other guy, Red Robin. Maybe it’s just my own perception, but Time just doesn’t seem to get the respect that many of the other Bat characters. That being said, he has managed to get a pretty sweet action figure from McFarlane Toys.

The figure is based upon Tim Drake’s New 52 look as Red Robin. I know that it isn’t necessarily his most popular look but I personally love it and wish that he would have kept some version of it with DC Rebirth. The figure comes with the standard collector card and a DC figure base and one lone accessory, Red Robin’s bo staff.

The detailing on the figure is great. The numerous belts (so many belts) all have amazing textures. Specifically, Tim’s utility belt looks great and you can actually see the clasps on the pockets. The suit also features Red Robin’s insignia on his chest, belt, and shoulders. The propulsion pack and wings also look amazing. The wings can be opened up or tucked under the propulsion pack. Tim’s bo staff is pretty plain but it does come with a few minor details on it. The coloring on the figure is primarily deep red and black with yellow on Red Robin’s cross-chest double belt and flesh tones on Tim’s face. His articulation is excellent and is only hindered if the wings are open.

I have zero complaints about this figure. He looks amazing, is easy to pose, and looks almost exactly like the character in the comics. He’s almost the perfect action figure and he looks great on the shelf with the rest of the Bat Family.

Thanks for reading my review. I highly recommend this figure to not only Tim Drake/Red Robin fans, but to DC Comics fans in general and anybody that can appreciate a beautiful action figure. McFarlane outdid themselves with this figure and I love it!

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