The Year Of KISS: Crazy Nights (1987)

“This is our music, we love it loud!” Just over two years after the release of Asylum, KISS gave the world their fourteenth studio album, Crazy Nights. Released on September 21, 1987, it was the longest break between albums for the band since the release of Love Gun (1977) and Dynasty (1979) not counting theContinue reading “The Year Of KISS: Crazy Nights (1987)”

The Year Of KISS: Asylum (1985)

“I’m gonna live my life, oh yeah!” One year and three days after the release of 1984’s Animalize, KISS released their thirteenth studio album, Asylum. As successful as the band was at the time, they were on their third lead guitarist in three albums. Bruce Kulick, who finished out the Animalize tour after Mark St.Continue reading “The Year Of KISS: Asylum (1985)”

Throwback Thursday: The Batwoman (1968)

With the campy Batman television series ending fourteen days before its March 28, 1968 release, The Batwoman (La Mujer Murcielago) hit the silver screen in Mexico. The film blended action, camp, and lucha libre into a science fiction/superhero film featuring the Batwoman, a crime fighter who is inspired by but not an official adaptation ofContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: The Batwoman (1968)”

Spin Master Solomon Grundy Figure

“Solomon Grundy, Born On A Monday….” Spin Master hasn’t been cranking out quite as many four inch figures as of late, at least in my neck of the woods. There are still plenty of DC Heroes Unite and multiple Batman waves hanging on the pegs at my area and regional retailers. The only new productsContinue reading “Spin Master Solomon Grundy Figure”

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Rebirth Batman (2022)

“The human capacity for good is incredibly powerful….” I can describe McFarlane’s 2022 Rebirth Batman in one word: Beautiful. It’s a beautiful figure. From the iconic black bat outlined in yellow on his chest to the purple underside of his cape, this Rebirth Batman is gorgeous. The figure is simple, slender, and looks amazing onContinue reading “McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Rebirth Batman (2022)”

In Defense Of Morbius (2022)

Honestly, Morbius Doesn’t Suck When Sony/Columbia/Marvel released Morbius earlier this year, there were a ton of poor reviews about the film. Critics and fans alike bashed the origin story saying that it was just another generic superhero movie. They accused it of everything from having a paper-thin plot and dull characters to bad CGI andContinue reading “In Defense Of Morbius (2022)”

Classic Horror: The Fly (1986)

“Be afraid. Be very afraid.” George Langelaan crafted a twisted short story in 1957 in which a brilliant scientist builds machines that he dubs disintegrator-reintegrators that allow him to transport things from one unit to the other similar to the way that the transporter beams are used on Star Trek (which debuted almost a decadeContinue reading “Classic Horror: The Fly (1986)”

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse The Flash (2022)

“Run, Barry!” McFarlane Toys unleashed a wonderful Barry Allen figure this year. Nope, it wasn’t based upon the image of Ezra Miller nor was it modeled after any of the recent Flash comics. It’s based on Grant Gustin’s portrayal of the character from the seventh season of the CW series, The Flash. This figure looksContinue reading “McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse The Flash (2022)”