Wednesday (Netflix, 2022)

“I prefer spooky.” Despite plenty of callbacks to the original series and films and nods to everything from Edgar Allan Poe to the Headless Horseman, Netflix’s latest series, Wednesday, is much, much more than a nostalgic trip for fans of all things creepy and kooky. Yep, Wednesday is one of the best new series toContinue reading “Wednesday (Netflix, 2022)”

McFarlane Toys DC Universe Infinite Frontier Robin (2022)

Heir To The Demon Throne! Swooping in with all of the cocky style expected of him, Robin (Damian Wayne) from DC’s Infinite Frontier Future State story arc has arrived with his own action figure! There’s also a Gold Label Unmasked version sold exclusively on the McFarlane Toys website and on a few of those peskyContinue reading “McFarlane Toys DC Universe Infinite Frontier Robin (2022)”

The Year Of KISS: Psycho Circus (1998)

“I wanna leave but I can’t get away….” With the recording of Carnival Of Souls: The Final Sessions all but forgotten, KISS rode a wave of nostalgia that started in 1995 with the reuniting of the original band on MTV Unplugged. KISS was once again at the top of the world, as the original membersContinue reading “The Year Of KISS: Psycho Circus (1998)”

The Loyal Subjects BST AXN KISS “The Starchild”

“I’m the King of the Night Time world!” After dragging their feet for what seemed like a lifetime, Walmart finally started putting The Loyal Subjects BST AXN The Starchild figures on the shelves in my region. Why do I say my “region?” Because I had to drive three and a half hours from my homeContinue reading “The Loyal Subjects BST AXN KISS “The Starchild””

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Talon (2022)

“He doesn’t have a name. Men have names, and he isn’t a man.” The sinister assassin that does the dirty work for the Court of Owls in Gotham City comes to life in McFarlane Toys’ DC Multiverse Talon. Talon is one of my favorite recent Batman villains and I am glad to finally have aContinue reading “McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Talon (2022)”

The Year Of KISS: Carnival Of Souls: The Final Sessions (1997)

“Faded smiles behind dark shades….” Although 1992’s Revenge was positively received, KISS was starting to fade as a mainstream band. By the time the group returned to the studio to record their next album, Carnival Of Souls: The Final Sessions, the music that they inspired and ultimately embraced in the 1980’s, glam and pop rock,Continue reading “The Year Of KISS: Carnival Of Souls: The Final Sessions (1997)”

The Northman (2022)

To Valhalla! Alexander Skarsgard co-produced and stars in the talent heavy Viking epic, The Northman. The film is based upon a tale recorded in the Gesta Danorum, a 13th century record of Danish history penned by Saxo Grammaticus, a theologian and author. Specifically, the film is based upon the legend of Amleth, a Scandinavian figureContinue reading “The Northman (2022)”

Marvel Legends Retro Kenner 3.75: 2021 Daredevil and 2021 Electro (Reissue)

The Man Without Fear And A Really Shocking Villain! Since 2020 Marvel and Hasbro (releasing as Kenner) have produced a collection of vintage carded Marvel superhero and villain action figures with beautiful cardbacks and figures that look like the classic five point of articulation figures of the 1970’s and 80’s but actually feature seven pointsContinue reading “Marvel Legends Retro Kenner 3.75: 2021 Daredevil and 2021 Electro (Reissue)”

Diamond Select Firestar Gallery Diorama (2021)

Angelica Jones Is On Fire! 1981 was a big year for yours truly. I was five years old, a kindergarten student, and hungry to watch Saturday morning cartoons! Smurfs, Kid’s Super Power Hour With Shazam, Godzilla, Hong Kong Phooey, Tarzan, Superfriends, and more awaited me each and every sleepy Saturday morning. I would sit inContinue reading “Diamond Select Firestar Gallery Diorama (2021)”

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Aquaman (Endless Winter) & Gold Label Ocean Master

“What are you going to do about it, Aquaman? Call some fish?” Some brothers just can’t get along. In the case of Aquaman and Ocean Master, they literally go to war with one another. I believe that McFarlane Toys had the brotherly love of Arthur and Orm in mind when they released the Target ExclusiveContinue reading “McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Aquaman (Endless Winter) & Gold Label Ocean Master”