Bat-Tastic!!!! Celebrate Seventy Five Years Of Batman Today!


Today, DC Comics officially celebrates seventy five years of Batman.  Events are scheduled to happen all across the globe in book stores such as Barnes & Noble and in comic book shops everywhere.  Some events include exclusive free comics, masks, capes, and tons of other freebies.  Are you hosting a party to celebrate the Bat today?  Perhaps this weekend?  If you are having an event or attending one, be sure to comment about it below.

Batman is, was, and always will be my favorite superhero.  For anyone that’s ever read a comic and/or dreamed of being a superhero, he’s the one person that we all believed we could potentially become.  Why?  He lacks super powers.  All of his success against crime is based solely on his intelligence, hard physical training, and, here’s the kicker, money.  Sure, there are other heroes out there who lack super powers that do quite well for themselves such as Iron Man, the Punisher, and even the Boy Wonder, Robin, but Batman seems the most real character of them all.  Heck, even Dr. Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory believes that he can become Batman!

So, go out into the world today and share your love of everyone’s favorite detective.  Wear a Batman tee, read a Batman comic, watch one of the many Batman films, or watch Batman:  The Animated Series or any of the other wonderful cartoons featuring the Bat.  Do it with your family, friends, and loved ones.  Oh, and don’t forget to show some love and become a fan of the Discount Dark Knight at

Happy birthday, BATMAN!!!!

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I am a husband, a father, and a major nerd. I enjoy science fiction, fantasy, comics, cosplay, and attending conventions. I'm also a huge Disney fan. I am growing to enjoy working out, and hope to include that joy in some of my posts.

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