Throwback Thursday: Universal Monsters

Before Shared Universes Were Cool I’ve been watching a lot of classic Universal Monsters films in recent weeks. I own all of the Legacy Collections that have been released so far except for The Invisible Man set. The recently released (August, 2018) Universal Classic Monsters: Complete 30 Film Collection features all of the films andContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Universal Monsters”

A Buzzing Success!

Somewhere South Of Cybertron I really had my doubts about the Transformers franchise whenever I heard that a Bumblebee movie was in the works at Paramount. Although I enjoyed the first Transformers film way back in 2007, each and every film that followed seemed to get more sophomoric with the humor, more outlandish with theContinue reading “A Buzzing Success!”

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

I’m A Spidey, You’re A Spidey…. My knowledge  of the Miles Morales version of Spider-Man begins and ends with my son.  He loves the character and the whole multi-verse angle that has been part of every Spider-Man’s world for a long time.  My son has informed me on characters such as Spider-Man 2099, the IronContinue reading “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse”

It’s Convention Season!

Pretty Much All Year Long I don’t really understand why people say that it’s “convention season” because “convention season” is pretty much a year round thing.  I mean, there have been conventions taking place in pretty much every month for quite a few years now.  But since it seems to be the cool thing toContinue reading “It’s Convention Season!”

DC Universe: DC Daily

Into The ‘Verse! DC Universe arrived last year with two new series to offer its potential subscribers.  While the bulk of the attention was focused on Titans, the second series definitely deserves some love.  That series is DC Daily.  It is a news and entertainment show that covers everything DC Comics, from books and filmsContinue reading “DC Universe: DC Daily”