CyPhaCon 2023

Lake Charles, LA I had the pleasure of attending CyPhaCon over the weekend as a representative of the Lake Charles Film Festival. The convention ran from Friday evening to late Sunday afternoon. I was unable to attend on Friday due to work but I more than made up for it on Saturday and Sunday. IContinue reading “CyPhaCon 2023”

Louisiana Comic Con 2023!

Cajundome Convention Center, Lafayette, LA Over the weekend I had the pleasure of attending Louisiana Comic Con in Lafayette, LA. I’ve been attending this event regularly for the last few years (minus one hurricane cancellation and COVID cancellations). Of all of the conventions that I have attended either as a fan or as a panelist,Continue reading “Louisiana Comic Con 2023!”

2023 Convention Schedule

Scheduled Appearances And Attendances So Far Yep, it’s just February but I’ve already got a full slate of convention and festival appearances lined up! The fun starts next month when I attend Louisiana Comic Con on March 11th and 12th! I’ll be presenting two panels (one on Saturday and one on Sunday) at this amazingContinue reading “2023 Convention Schedule”

Louisiana Comic Con and Lake Charles Film Festival

First Two Weekends In October! I had a very busy month in October. I spent the first two weekends at two excellent events. First up was Louisiana Comic Con in Lafayette, LA. Between COVID-19 and a few hurricanes, I believe that this is the first Louisiana Comic Con since 2019. It’s been a long timeContinue reading “Louisiana Comic Con and Lake Charles Film Festival”

A Month Of Recovery

October was a busy month! Between two awesome events, two The Year Of KISS posts, some excellent films (old and new), a cool new series, and a BUNCH of action figure acquisitions, a lot of things had to take a backseat to the Reign of the Scream Queens. Well, it’s November now and I’ll beContinue reading “A Month Of Recovery”

Upcoming Events!!!

Summer Convention Updates I’m happy to say that I’m in full convention mode this summer! I’m attending three conventions/festivals this summer. I’ll be at two events as an attendee and one event as a guest/volunteer. I’m so happy to be attending events again and can’t wait to blog about each of them after I getContinue reading “Upcoming Events!!!”

CyPhaCon 2022!

Their Ten Year Anniversary 2019 was the last time that CyPhaCon was able to have an event. Between COVID-19 and Hurricane Laura, the stars just would not align for the Lake Charles, LA convention. Finally, things came together for CyPhaCon to take place at the Lake Charles Civic Center over the first weekend in April.Continue reading “CyPhaCon 2022!”

CyPhaCon Returns Tonight!

It’s Finally Convention Time! After missing out on a number of conventions over the last three years due to hurricanes, COVID-19, and just plain ol’ dumb luck, I’m finally heading back to conventions this year. While I managed to attend a few film festivals, I haven’t attended a comic or pop culture convention since 2019.Continue reading “CyPhaCon Returns Tonight!”

Finally! I’m Going To A Convention (Or Two, Or Three)

Maybe, Just Maybe! The last couple of years have been pretty brutal to everyone. In my case and in the case of many others in southwest Louisiana, 2020 and 2021 were downright evil. From COVID-19 shutting down everything to Hurricane Laura destroying my family’s home to last year’s February freeze out that myself and myContinue reading “Finally! I’m Going To A Convention (Or Two, Or Three)”

Louisiana Comic Con 2021!!!!

I have returned!!!!! Next weekend I’ll be attending my first comic convention and presenting my first in-person panel since 2019. Louisiana Comic Con was the last convention that I attended in person and it’s fitting that it will be the first convention that I get to attend in a world put on hold by COVID-19.Continue reading “Louisiana Comic Con 2021!!!!”