Torn Hearts (2022)

“Atone.” Katey Sagal gives a commanding performance and carries the rest of the cast in 2022’s Torn Hearts. The film is a Blumhouse production written by Rachel Koller Croft and directed by Brea Grant. Along with Sagal (Married…With Children, Sons Of Anarchy) are Abby Quinn (Knock At The Cabin), Alexxis Lemire (The Half Of It,Continue reading “Torn Hearts (2022)”

The Year Of KISS: Sonic Boom (2009)

“Made Of Fire, Made Of Heat…..“ The KISS trip down memory lane proved extremely successful for the band from the mid 1990’s to 2002. Ace Frehley left the band permanently that year. Peter Criss left the band three times starting with his first exit in 2001and his final, permanent exit in 2004. With each CrissContinue reading “The Year Of KISS: Sonic Boom (2009)”

The Year Of KISS: Unmasked (1980)

“All I want is a little conversation….” KISS entered the 1980’s in a state of flux. Peter Criss was out of the band and Ace Frehley was becoming disenchanted with the direction of the group. Despite this, he soldiered on and wrote two songs, co-wrote a third song, and provided lead vocals for all threeContinue reading “The Year Of KISS: Unmasked (1980)”

The Year Of KISS: Dynasty (1979)

“I’ve Been A Gambler But I’m Nobody’s Fool….” 1977 saw KISS on top of the world. A trio of massively popular albums were followed up by a second live album, Alive II, which actually sold better than the much beloved Alive. In April of 1978 the band released their first greatest hits collection, Double Platinum.Continue reading “The Year Of KISS: Dynasty (1979)”

Metal Lords (2022)

“Why can’t we all not fit in together?” I like Metal Lords. The 2022 Netflix tale drops us into the lives of three teens, Hunter, Kevin, and Emily, who don’t fit at their school. Hunter dreams of being in a metal band that takes over the world. Kevin is torn between helping his best friendContinue reading “Metal Lords (2022)”

The Year Of KISS: Love Gun (1977)

“Make Me Feel Better…..” By 1977, KISS was one of the most popular bands in the world. Not only were Alive!, Destroyer, and Rock And Roll Over all successful albums, the band’s name and faces were plastered on tons of merchandise. KISS comics from Marvel, toy guitars, and a KISS radio were all released inContinue reading “The Year Of KISS: Love Gun (1977)”

The Year Of KISS: Rock And Roll Over (1976)

“You need my love, baby, oh so bad….” Still riding a massive wave of success with both Alive! and Destroyer and eager to solidify their popularity, KISS went back to the studio in September of 1976 to record Rock And Roll Over. Released in November of 1976, the album is considered by many to beContinue reading “The Year Of KISS: Rock And Roll Over (1976)”

The Year Of KISS: Destroyer (1976)

“All Of The Fame And The Masquerade…..” KISS released their legendary live album, Alive!, in September of 1975. The album was a risky move for both the band and Casablanca records. Another lackluster release would most likely shutter the record label’s doors and with it, possibly KISS’ future. Luckily, the album proved to be aContinue reading “The Year Of KISS: Destroyer (1976)”

The Year Of KISS: The Alive! Albums (1975-2006)

“You Wanted The Best…..” I couldn’t do an entire year of KISS’ studio albums without at least mentioning the Alive live album releases. KISS is best known for their bombastic live performances and their first Alive album literally saved them and Casablanca Records from falling apart. While I won’t go into much detail about theContinue reading “The Year Of KISS: The Alive! Albums (1975-2006)”

The Year of KISS: Dressed To Kill (1975)

“She’s a dancer, a romancer. I’m a Capricorn and she’s a Cancer.” Still looking for a hit album, KISS returned to the studio in February of 1975, four short months after the release of Hotter Than Hell. By March, the band released their third studio album, Dressed To Kill. While it sold better than itsContinue reading “The Year of KISS: Dressed To Kill (1975)”