McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Gold Label Robin/Tim Drake (2022)

“What would he say if he saw my Robin gear?”

It’s been awhile since I last posted a McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse review. To be completely honest, I’ve slowed down on collecting action figures. It’s partially based on the fact that it can be a pretty pricey hobby, but it’s also due to the fact that I’m in a state of transition in my home and my office. I haven’t really been able to photograph figures like I normally do before reviewing them. This particular figure, Robin/Tim Drake, has actually been in my possession for a few months. I’ve had the photos on my laptop for basically the same amount of time. I finally decided to give all of you a glimpse at this figure.

The figure is an Amazon exclusive Gold Label figure. It features Tim Drake in his second Robin costume, the one that he creates in memory of his friend, Superboy. It’s essentially a red suit with black boots, gloves, and shorts over his full length pants. His mask is black and his cape is black with a yellow interior. While it isn’t the flashiest of Tim Drake’s costumes, it’s still a pretty good looking suit. Included with the figure is the standard black DC base, a collector card, a batarang, and Tim Drake’s bo staff.

My figure in particular has very stiff joints. This made the figure difficult to pose and even after trying numerous positions, I had to settle on Robin leaning back slightly for his final pose. The detailing is decent but you’ll notice that the mold looks more like an armored version of Robin’s costume that includes green coloring. On March 2nd of this year, McFarlane announced an upcoming Tim Drake: Robin Reborn figure with the more traditional Robin costume and the same mold as this figure, so if you’re a bigger fan of that particular suit, you may want to hold off until the Reborn figure is released. I’ll probably grab the figure for myself as I definitely prefer the paint apps in the prototype shown below.

I really like the red and black suit but I have to admit that it’s a tad dull. I really like Tim Drake as Robin/Red Robin/Drake and hope that the upcoming figure will do him as much justice as his Red Robin figure did last year. I reviewed that figure and you can check that out here. I only recommend this Robin/Tim Drake figure to completionists and Tim Drake fans. Otherwise, hold out for the new figure coming later this year.

Thanks for checking out my review. I have one more McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse figure to review and it’s the Gold Label Beast Boy recently released exclusively at Walmart. I hope to complete that review very soon!


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