Parkside NWSL Trading Cards

These cards kick! In recent years I have become quite fond of soccer. My wife has been a soccer player since she was a young child and was actually offered a scholarship to play at the collegiate level. As a result of her love for the game, I’ve been more invested in women’s soccer thanContinue reading “Parkside NWSL Trading Cards”

Hurricane Pro Wrestling 8/18/18

Beaumont, Texas I crossed the Sabine River into Texas over the weekend with my family for my fourth round of Hurricane Pro Wrestling.  Although I’m still learning about this promotion, it has been around for quite awhile in southeast Texas and has seen steady growth since it first began.  I last wrote about Hurricane ProContinue reading “Hurricane Pro Wrestling 8/18/18”

Hurricane Pro: The Crowning

Beaumont, TX On Saturday, June 16th, I took my son and daughter to the best professional wrestling event that I’ve been to in a very long time.  Hurricane Pro’s The Crowning, which took place at the Beaumont Civic Center, was simply awesome.  There’s no other way to describe the event. We purchased VIP tickets thatContinue reading “Hurricane Pro: The Crowning”

That Game Last Night And The Nerdy Connection

Glendale, AZ Like a whole lot of other people in the good ol’ US of A last night, I tuned into that football game that featured the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots.  In all honesty I didn’t care one bit about who would win the game.  I just wanted to watch it inContinue reading “That Game Last Night And The Nerdy Connection”