Movies On The Horizon

Upcoming Films I Plan On Seeing March and April are gearing up to be a great couple of months for comic book film and Disney fans. Four films are coming out over the course of those two months that I am very interested in seeing. Hitting in less than two weeks on March 8, CaptainContinue reading “Movies On The Horizon”

Doom Patrol Episode #2

Donkey Patrol As offbeat and brilliant as the first episode of Doom Patrol was, the second episode, Donkey Patrol, took things to another level. Not only did it introduce us to Cyborg, it confused the audience even more (and I mean that in a good way). Mild Spoilers Ahead!!!! Yes, the donkey from the firstContinue reading “Doom Patrol Episode #2”

This Monday Sucks!

I Woke Up To Some Terrible News I wasn’t expecting to get hit by a brick while waking up this morning. My alarm went off and like any good social media zombie, I checked Facebook for any crucial updates. What I saw almost killed me: *****ANNOUNCEMENT – PART ONE***** Now, we’ve had quite a lotContinue reading “This Monday Sucks!”

They Shall Not Grow Old

A Look Into The Life Of A Soldier I recently witnessed the documentary They Shall Not Grow Old with a friend at my local movie theater. In all honesty, this isn’t necessarily the type of film that I like to watch on the big screen. I prefer to watch documentaries on PBS, National Geographic, orContinue reading “They Shall Not Grow Old”

Doom Patrol Episode #1

Streaming On DC Universe Can an unlikely team of misfits save the DC Universe? Possibly. Depending on who you talk to (including tons of rumor mill websites that get most information incorrect), the young streaming service is either struggling to find an audience or winning over new viewers every day. I’m one of those newContinue reading “Doom Patrol Episode #1”


Lake Charles, LA In January, the Lake Charles Film Festival announced that its first guest of honor would be none other than Michael Gray, Billy Batson from the 1974-1976 CBS television series Shazam! The series celebrates its 45th anniversary this year and the character of Captain Marvel, now referred to as Shazam, will be gettingContinue reading “Announcements!!!”

Black Series Archive 2019

Star Wars’ Version Of The Disney Vault? I was strolling through a local Walmart the other day and decided to walk down the toy aisle. I was hoping to find some new blind bags to collect but I found some old Star Wars toys instead. Specifically, I found four “new” Hasbro Black Series Star WarsContinue reading “Black Series Archive 2019”

Read All About It!

All The News That’s Fit To Print This post will be a mixed bag of good news and bad news. Let’s start things off with the best news right away and then work our way through the rest. I’ve been approved for a panel at Louisiana Comic Con in March! I won’t be revealing anyContinue reading “Read All About It!”