The Walking Dead Season Nine Premiere!

The Calm Before The Storm? Sunday night saw the beginning of the ninth season of AMC’s highly successful The Walking Dead.  Despite sagging ratings in recent years, it’s still one of the most watched shows on television.  The new season brings with it a few changes in front of and behind the camera that haveContinue reading “The Walking Dead Season Nine Premiere!”

All Out Whimper….

On A Walk With Rick And Carl Sunday night’s season finale of The Walking Dead capped off what has been one of the most uninspired and dull seasons of the franchise.  I started to question my loyalty to the franchise earlier this year and posted about it here.  I hoped that the show would getContinue reading “All Out Whimper….”

Is It Time To “Walk” Off?

No More Pudding Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead left me with a lot of questions.  Most of them weren’t about why certain things went down in the episode.  No, they were primarily about why I watch the show and have loyally done so for eight seasons and whether or not I want toContinue reading “Is It Time To “Walk” Off?”

My Geeky Christmas List!

Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-laaaaaaah! I am not ashamed to admit that Christmas is my favorite holiday.  I love the music, the cheesy Hallmark movies, the gaudy decorations, and all of the wonderful smells that range from the pine of the Christmas trees to the cinnamon of the cookies baked for the holidays.  I also love the smell ofContinue reading “My Geeky Christmas List!”

Somebody Cue Up “Eye Of The Tiger!”

All Over Alexandria Two warnings right off the (barbed-wire wrapped) bat: 1.  This post is loaded with spoilers from all over the seventh season, including Sunday’s epic finale.  Avoid at all costs if you’ve missed any of this season. 2.  I’ll probably go into Shiva overload before this post is over.  You’ve been warned! WithContinue reading “Somebody Cue Up “Eye Of The Tiger!””

“Walk” Right Up!

Lake Charles, LA The Walking Dead has definitely had a peculiar season seven.  Some fans loved the violent opening that finally revealed the victim of Negan’s brutal attack.  They were shocked when Lucille, Negan’s beloved barb wired bat, dealt a second death to a character that was very near and dear to viewers of theContinue reading ““Walk” Right Up!”

I’m Jealous!

Not At A Convention! I have to admit that I am super jealous of all of my friends that have been attending conventions this year.  Many of them went to Wizard World NOLA earlier this year, but this weekend a ton of them headed over to Pensacola, FL for Pensacon!  It’s one of my wishlistContinue reading “I’m Jealous!”

Heating Up The South!

Somewhere in Mighty Mississippi The southern United States isn’t necessarily the first place that comes to mind whenever someone mentions geek culture, but geek culture is definitely thriving in key parts of the South.  Almost all of the southern states have successful fan-run conventions.  Some states, such as Louisiana and Mississippi, have multiple successful fan-runContinue reading “Heating Up The South!”

A Galaxy On Fire!

A Long Time Ago, In Mississippi From Rancors to ghosts to Gotham’s toughest villains, the brave soul that’s stepping up to answer Ten Burning Questions, Karen Camp, has her hands full!  She faced down all ten questions with the bravery of Princess Leia, and gave me some great answers. Here are Karen’s Ten Burning Questions:Continue reading “A Galaxy On Fire!”

Saa-Winggg, Battahh, Battahh!

Pee-Pee Pants City Unless you’ve been under a massive rock for the last six months, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about a dude named Negan and his girlfriend, Lucille (she’s not really his girlfriend, for you non-TWD fans).  You might not even be a fan of The Walking Dead, but I’m sure thatContinue reading “Saa-Winggg, Battahh, Battahh!”