It’s The Little Things

Over many years… Well, I didn’t get to attend CyPhaCon like I hoped thanks to the fact that real life once again swooped in at the last second and dealt me a vicious blow that kept me from much of anything over the weekend.  With that in mind, I figured that I would give allContinue reading “It’s The Little Things”

Getting Up To Speed With The Flash, Gotham, King of the Nerds, And More!

The World Of Television The CW has a definite hit on its hands with The Flash.  Much like Arrow (which I seriously need to catch up on), it has taken a character that could have become either extremely excellent or terribly silly on the small screen and turned it into one of the most enjoyable newContinue reading “Getting Up To Speed With The Flash, Gotham, King of the Nerds, And More!”

“Weight” A Minute!

Lake Charles, LA   I haven’t posted anything on my weight loss struggles and victories recently, so here’s a brief update.  As of today, I’m actually gaining weight.  It’s not all muscle, either.  Ever since I returned home from Missouri back in July, I’ve been having this on again/off again relationship with my eating habits,Continue reading ““Weight” A Minute!”

Convention Panels And Weight Update

Lake Charles, LA On the weekend of June 20-22, I’ll be at a local convention in the Lake Charles area called Bayoucon.  I’ll be hosting two Doctor Who panels (one on Saturday at 3PM and the other at noon on Sunday).  The Saturday panel will be focused on the Doctor while the Sunday panel willContinue reading “Convention Panels And Weight Update”

A Little Bit Bummed, But There’s Good News As Well!

Lake Charles, LA I have been wanting to meet Peter Davison, the fifth incarnation of the Doctor from Doctor Who ever since I was a kid watching him on television over thirty years ago.  Davison, while not my first Doctor, is MY Doctor.  He’s the one that I identified with the most and who isContinue reading “A Little Bit Bummed, But There’s Good News As Well!”

Weight Update And A Few Thoughts

Lake Charles, LA For anyone who might be following my attempt at losing weight, I am currently at 206 lbs.  I started my current weight-loss journey at 244 lbs, so I’m quite proud of myself so far.  I want to make it to two hundred pounds before I dial back on the goals a bit. Continue reading “Weight Update And A Few Thoughts”

A Few Quick Notes

Lake Charles, LA I don’t have much to talk about this week.  Good Friday and Easter are upon us, so I hope that everyone has a great weekend.  Hopefully the Easter Bunny will leave all of us something good in our baskets.  I’m hoping for a million bucks and (if I weren’t happily married) JenniferContinue reading “A Few Quick Notes”

Progress And Nerd Thoughts For The Day

Lake Charles, LA I’ve dropped a couple of more pounds since starting my second consecutive round of Insanity.  I’m now at 215 lbs.  I started this wild ride at a whopping 244 lbs.  I’m starting to experiment more with my food choices, as I’m starting to drop my caloric intake more with each pound lost. Continue reading “Progress And Nerd Thoughts For The Day”

Looking Like Thor By The Summer

Lake Charles, LA Thor is a character that I’ve loved since I was a youngster.  He’s never really been the it hero for me, but he’s always flying around with Mjolnir in the background.  What’s not to like about the guy?  He’s a little bit cocky yet still has a down to Earth (technically I thinkContinue reading “Looking Like Thor By The Summer”

Insanity, Clif Bars, And Captain America

Lake Charles, LA For those of you that aren’t exactly personal friends of mine, you might not be aware that I’ve been doing the Insanity exercise program for the last sixty-three days.  Last night was my final night of my first round of Insanity for 2014.  I’ve done Insanity in the past with varying degreesContinue reading “Insanity, Clif Bars, And Captain America”